Why choose Yacht Consultant to sell your boat?

It is essential to surround yourself with competent and experienced professionals when it comes to selling your boat. With 30 years of experience serving his customers in the field, Emmanuel Skaf offers you a complete and personalized approach supporting you, both seller and buyer, throughout the purchase/sale process.

Thus, it will make available:
  • An in-depth study of the market and objectively determine the selling price of your boat.
  • A large network of clients and national and international professional relationships
  • A communications and marketing force that meets your expectations.
  • A saving of time and energy, both linked to visits.
  • Administrative, fiscal, and residential constraints during the sale and various research, necessary to reassure the buyer on sensitive subjects such as VAT or possible debts.
By choosing us to sell your boat, you will be assured of a transaction carried out with complete peace of mind.